California Art Restoration

Andre Lohnert
Andre Lohnert
Painter, sculptor and art restorer

Southern California studio
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Painting Restoration

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With the passing of time, oil paintings undergo a complex process of aging. The paint layers darken, become brittle, crack and flake off. On their surface, they accumulate dust particles, grime and other airborne pollutants that obscure them. Old yellowed varnishes alter their appearance. Through improper handling and accidents, the canvases are punctured and ripped and the paint is scratched and abraded. If not properly cared for, some paintings deteriorate to such an extent that they can no longer be appreciated and could, in the worst instances, completely disintegrate.
Only the skills of a trained and competent art restorer will bring the paintings' original beauty back. My experience in the field of painting restoration, first in the museum setting, then in a private practice, spans four decades. Since I first opened my studio in Southern California in 1983, I have helped not only local art dealers, private individuals and corporate institutions to maintain their collections, but also clients in other states and in many countries on four continents.


* Museum quality restoration and conservation of paintings in oil; on canvas, panels, boards, paper and metals
* Cleaning of airborne pollutants and removal of discolored varnishes; recoating with non-yellowing resins
* Consolidation of damaged and flaking paint; repairing of holes and tears in canvas
* Relining of torn or deteriorated canvases onto new supports
* Inpainting and retouching of missing parts of images
* On-site conservation of sensitive projects
* Restoration and conservation of murals
* Condition examination, project evaluation, treatment proposals, damage assessments, cost estimates, treatment reports
* Earthquake damage preparedness for collections
* Authentication and material analysis of paintings, ultra-violet light examination and photography